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Flag Football

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Registration begins in January. 

Flag football at the YMCA is a dynamic and inclusive program designed to introduce children and young athletes to the exciting sport of football in a safe and supportive environment. It offers an alternative to traditional tackle football, emphasizing teamwork, skill development, and character building. Participants engage in flag football through practices and games, focusing on both the physical and social aspects of the sport.


Your children will learn fundamental football skills such as passing, catching, running, and strategic play, all while wearing flag belts that replace the tackling element of the game. This creates a non-contact, safe, and enjoyable experience for young athletes. The YMCA places a strong emphasis on teaching values like sportsmanship, respect, responsibility, and teamwork, promoting character development alongside athletic growth.


Flag football at the YMCA encourages kids to build self-confidence, develop a sense of belonging, and stay active while fostering a lifelong appreciation for sports and physical fitness. It's a program that goes beyond the field, instilling essential life skills in participants, and creating a positive and nurturing community that supports the well-rounded development of young athletes.

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