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Our Kidzone is a membership exclusive program that adds a valuable dimension to our services, catering specifically to the diverse needs of parents. For parents working out, we present a childcare solution designed for ages 6 months to 12 years, ensuring a secure and engaging environment while they pursue their fitness goals. Additionally, our flexible drop-in childcare option, available from 8 AM to 12 PM on weekdays exclusively for members, allows parents to seamlessly balance their schedules. At a nominal fee of $10 per child, with a reduced rate of $5 for each additional child, members can benefit from up to four hours of attentive and professional care. Kidzone not only supports the well-being of our members but also underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive services that extend beyond the fitness floor. 

Parents Day Out

Parents Day Out is an initiative goes beyond just providing childcare. It aims to create not only a nurturing and stimulating environment for children's development but also to provide parents with the flexibility they need to manage their daily responsibilities. Our dedicated staff ensures that children have a positive and enriching experience while in our care. We are committed to fostering the well-being of families in our community and supporting parents and children in their journey toward personal growth and success.

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